What is the difference between V9 Pro and V8 Golden?

What is the difference between V9 Pro and V8 Golden?
V9 Pro (HD) is another name of V8 Golden, same design, same hardware, same software, same remote, same wifi adapter, same power adapter, and same price, all completely the same except the logo.

Why we make 2 products since they are the same?
V8 can be used for other countries, while we install the customized software(with our server) on V8, it can watch all Star-hvb channels, to make box different from other countries’, we decided to give it a new name(V9 pro).
The tuners for V9 Pro and V8 Golden are different.
Some V8 golden may not watch 277-233,  but no problem for V9 Pro at all.

So it is V9 Pro = V8 Golden + customized software

Don’t have one-time payment box?

Don’t have one-time payment box?  All cable boxes require a subscription?

Yes, since Starhvb upgraded to Nagar 3 system in 2014, all boxes need to pay an annual subscription, NO one-time payment box anymore, all boxes need Internet and Starhvb cable to work.

In Starhvb Nagra 3 encryption system, the keys change every 30s, and keys are different from each channel, so now all channels require a server to synchronize the keys from Starhvb. Thus, the box needs to connect to the server via the Internet. With the key, each channel can watch like before as Nagar 2 time.

How to renew Singapore cable tv box now?

Buy CCcam Account & Zcam Account subscription for Blackbox C801 Plus or others?

Some people’s Blackbox C801 Plus can not watch starhvb channels after one year because their Blackbox Subscription is expired.

When they renew Blackbox Subscription and are very confused. There are so many types, order Icam, Zcam or CCcam accounts for their expired Blackbox C801 Plus?

In fact, there are only 2 options, one is Cccam account Subscription and another option is Zcam account Subscription. Icam account was not available from 2017 September, and the Icam server is totally cracked.
So just choose Zcam account and Cccam account for your Blackbox C801 Plus is fine.

What is the difference between Zcam and Cccam Account subscription?
No worries, the contents are 100% same, and channels are same, EPL+ 2018 FIFA World Cup + All Starhvb channels are available for both. The only difference is that they are from different factories.

How much are Zcam and Cccam account?
Singaporeiptv.com sell SGD$75/Year for Zcam account subscription and SGD$90/Year for Cccam account subscription


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V9 Pro with Encrypted Program

V9 Pro with Encrypted Program

After some customers get their V9 pro, they found the box only display Encrypted Program, how to fix this problem?

Detected new user DB, Are you update–> Yes–> Are you sure to burn flash–>Yes–>Wait for restart

From https://www.singaporeiptv.com/product/2017-new-v9-pro-hd-cable-tv-box/

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Provide V9 Pro at best price, only SGD$160/pc including one year warranty and support

V9 PRO Problems

V9 Pro (HD) with CCcam account, NO Signal

V9 Pro is very popular in Singapore now and with very good reputation!

Very steady and smooth to watch Starhvb channels, NO Hang at all!

But some customer cannot watch some channels after they get it, the box is only showing NO Signal. How to do solve?

1. Menu to tools to Factory Settings(password: 0000)

2. Set up the network and upgrade user DB again。

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What’s the difference between V9 PRO MINI and V9 PRO HD?

V9 Pro & V9 Pro Mini for Singapore, Watch Starhvb channels smoothly

V9 Pro Mini and V9 Pro are both for Singapore,  both can watch starhvb channels!

Front Panel :


Rear Panel:


They are from different factories and using different server: V9 Pro MINI is using Zcam account,  V9 Pro HD is using CCcam account.

V9 Pro MINI,

V9 Pro HD,

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Huat 88TV Promotion

Huat 88TV promotion:
Start from 1/9/2016 to 31/10/2016
1) For every purchase 6/12months MYIPTV, you can get 1month Huat 88TV for free(whatever you use same device or another)
2)The free 1month activation just can keep till 30/11/2016
3) 88TV 1month only for first time and can’t transfer.
4) myiptv still cannot active 1mth. we will inform once can.