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Deposit & Invoice

How to become a reseller?
You can pay a deposit to get any products from us.

MYIPTV reseller price:
SGD20/1 month, SGD45/3 months,
SGD60/6 months, SGD85/12 months
88TV reseller price:
SGD60/ 6 months, SGD85/12 months
If you need other packages, you can send an enquiry to get the price.

How to use the deposit?
For example, you pay SGD400 deposit
you take 1 code 12 months, 400-85=SGD315 Balance
Next time, take 3 codes 6 months,
315-3*60=SGD135 Balance
Next time, take 2 codes 3 months,
135-2*45=SGD45 Balance
The cycle like this.
Once SGD400 use up, pay again SGD400 or pay the invoice.

How to pay the deposit?
You can via the order invoice SGD 1 to pay.
If you have any other problems, pls let me know.